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TETHER the EDGE to your Computing Today!

  • We help clients IoT enable older legacy machines.

  • We help clients IoT enable manufacturing plants, hospitals and more.

  • We help clients upgrade their existing IoT sensors, gateways and/or systems via our technology platform for affordable and easy scalability without having to disrupt or change their existing infrastructure.

  • We help clients tag and track their Assets via QR Code, Barcode, RF etc.

  • We help clients with manage, monitor and alert on Environmental conditions; Energy Consumption, Pressure, Flow, Temperature, Humidity, Vibration, Oil Level/Temperature monitoring and more...

  • We support clients with Custom Programming Services (PLC boards as well as Application modules) as well as APIs to other systems.

  • We support clients with Data Analytics services to support Predictive Maintenance and/or Follow up Actions.

  • We support clients integrate Predictive Maintenance with Preventive Maintenance for Total Maintenance.

Why use TETHER?

TRUE EDGE...We offer scalable and affordable technologies through the TETHER range that will provide excellent Return-On-Investment.  With our customizable MultiGen board, you can manage different types of sensors on a single board across various data transmission protocols, keeping costs down, energy consumption low without compromising data security.  Our systems are designed to support UPnP (Universal Plug and Play), Modbus, BACnet (Building Automation and Control Networks), LowPan (Low Power Personal Area Networks), ZigBee (IEEE 802.15.4), IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM, RTLS and more. Scalable, yet affordable.   

We can provide sensors, gateways, applications (Web, Android & IOS) and APIs to suit your all types of client requirements for all industrial sectors.  Based on GOLD Award Technology!

Clients also use our technology not just for industrial applications but educational and training applications as well to ensure products are assembled and manufactured right and safely!  

The Advantages of our IoT via EDGE Computing offerings are:

  1. Offline-capability: With Edge Computing, devices operate independent from a network / cloud connection, so the application always works and data parts that are needed centrally can be synced when convenient, needed, connected.

  2. Data ownership / privacy: With Edge Computing data can stay where it is produced, used and where it belongs (with the user / on the edge devices). Clients can use our TETHER products and services or get our APIs to connect and store data with their local applications.

  3. Networking costs / Cloud costs: Reducing data transferals and central storage reduces networking and cloud costs significantly.

  4. Bandwidth constrains: Today's Bandwidth is limited and the data volumes are growing much faster than the bandwidth can be expanded (e.g. with 5G networks); it therefore puts a hard stop on many applications that can be overcome by building on the edge.

  5. Application / Data speed: Processing on the device – instead of sending data to the cloud and waiting for an answer – this is way faster (to eliminate latency).

Clients can also manage, monitor conditions and take follow up decisions in real-time via TETHER Web, Android and IOS apps. IoT Intelligence in the palm of your hands.

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